Italian October at Joe’s Bakery

Here are some of the delicious breads available from us throughout October…

Pane della Sicilia – a Sicilian bread made with durum wheat semolina, sesame seeds and sesame oil.

This is a traditional Sicilian bread in which the semolina imparts a golden colour and sweet taste. A general purpose bread which goes especially well with cheese, fish, or almost any meal. This recipe comes from the family of one of our local Sicilian customers.


Chestnut Flour Bread with chestnut pieces – chestnut is a traditional staple crop in the mountainous areas of Italy. Once the food of the poor its benefit as part of a balanced diet is now well recognised. This recipe comes from Liguria. The bread is excellent with casseroles, strong cheese and as an accompaniment with any meal.


Ciabatta – a classic long fermentation Italian bread with characteristic shape and large holes. A general purpose bread which makes great sandwiches (though better with a drizzle of olive oil rather than butter – or you’ll fill the holes up!).


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