Easter Goodness

The following products are available as we approach Easter…

Easter Bread – this delicious Easter treat is a wheat and rye bread containing raisins, cherries, mixed citrus peel, hazelnuts, walnuts, and fresh lemon zest. In the shop Wednesday through to Saturday this week.

Easter Bread copy


Tsoureki – a Greek Easter sweet-bread traditionally given as a gift to family and friends but now eaten more regularly.

It is characterised by two particular ingredients: Mahleb – a spice obtained from the stone of the St Lucie cherry and native to the eastern Mediterranean region; and Mastika from the Greek island of Chios.

Tsoureki is good as a coffee/teatime or breakfast bread.



Easter Biscuits – our softly baked Easter Biscuits are made with Greek currants and oil of cassia – the traditional spice used in Bristol baked Easter biscuits.

IMG_0722 smlr


And, previously mentioned in a earlier post, Hot Cross Buns – plain, wholemeal or chocolate – how to choose?!