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Joe’s Bakery @ The Breadstore No.45 Gloucester Road

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Too Good to Go

We were pleased to receive this acknowledgement recently after joining the UK aspect of this international campaign a year ago.

We contribute 6 to 10 ‘magic bags’ of excess produce daily to help reduce our food waste in an ethical way.

Find out more here

Sourdough Starter with Your Order

When placing your order through Good Sixty for delivery or collection from the 15th to the 25th September you can request some sourdough starter with a guide of how to look after it.

Please request this using the ‘note to retailer’ tab at the checkout whilst placing your order on the Good Sixty website which you can find here.

Sourdough September

It’s almost Sourdough September and this year we have a number of promotions to complement your enjoyment of this wonderful bread, starting with this –

From the 1st – 14th all orders made through Good Sixty for delivery or collection that exceed the value of £10.00 will receive a free sourdough product ( *see below )

To place your order please visit

*offer includes a free sourdough product up to the value of £3.50 and will be selected by us daily.

Afternoon Tea Week

From 10th to 16th August we’re celebrating Afternoon Tea Week.

Whether you’re partial to scones with cream and jam, or you prefer gluten free or vegan, this is a fun way to enjoy a cup of your favourite brew with family or friends, and an indulgent bite or two!

If you’re putting together your own tea for a picnic or to have at home we have scones and the wonderful Bishopston Preserves to top them – either before or after the cream!

You can order plain scones (fruit free) from the shop.

Lemon Drizzle Slice

A delicious moist sponge cake with lemon syrup and lemon flavoured water-icing, and it’s vegan!

König Ludwig Brot

A typical Bavarian ‘Maltzbrot’ made with spelt and rye flours for a dense, chewy texture with strong malt flavours.

Delicious on its own, with your choice of toppings, or with mature Cheddar and caramelised onion chutney, as shown below.

Chowder Sourdough Bowl

Popular with UK chef Rick Stein, and as far afield as the West Coast of the USA and Australia, this fantastic dish calls for sourdough and our small loaf would be perfect for this combination.

Follow these links for some recipe ideas – Rick Stein’s Clam Chowder or this vegan Sweetcorn Chowder – although there are many others to choose from.

Vegan Cornish pasty

This is a delicious traditional pasty filled with soya ‘meat’, potato, swede, and onion.

BBQ Buns and Rolls

We have a variety of buns in abundance for your BBQ needs over the coming weeks.

There are Brioche Buns, Crusty or Soft Cobs, and others to choose from (both Cobs are suitable for vegans).

These and other products are available for purchase in the shop or to order for delivery through Good Sixty –

Brioche Buns
Crusty and Soft Cobs