Panettone and Stollen

Panettone and Stollen preparations are well under way and will be available in the shop from Monday 2nd December.

Christmas Street Party

The Glos Rd Central Christmas Street Party and late night shopping is coming up on Thursday 5th December from 5pm.

Joe’s Bakery will be open until 8pm and we look forward to seeing you!

Flours from FWP Matthews

We stock some fabulous flours from FWP Matthews, including their organic Cotswold Crunch and Pizza Flour which are new to our range.

New Products

We have 3 new products to whet your appetite –

Lemon Streusel Twist – a bun swirled with lemon filling and a butter crumble topping;

Yorkshire Parkin – a vegan version of this traditional ginger spiced cake; made with medium oatmeal for a ‘nutty’ texture;

Bostock – Almond – a slice of brioche brushed with an orange syrup, topped with almond frangipane and sliced almonds then baked (currently available on Fridays and Saturdays only).

Compostable Bags Update

Now that the bags have been in use for a couple of weeks we have had some feedback from our customers. Most of this has been very positive but several customers have noted that the bread does not keep long enough for their requirements. If this is the case please ask for your sliced bread to be put in the old-style polythene bags (we have some stock which will last quite a while).

It’s Sourdough September!

Sourdough is not just about toast and your favourite spread or conserve – try it with smashed avocado and egg, or create a savoury sandwich of your choosing.

Have you tried our Fruited Sourdough? It’s more delicious than a toasted tea cake and wonderful with some mature cheese.

*free* sourdough starter is available from us – please come in before 1pm if you’d like some.

Introducing our new Compostable Bread Bags

We are doing a trial run of these bags which you can even use to line your food waste caddy once your bread is safely home! They are imported and, as yet, we are unable to guarantee supply based on demand – so we thank you in anticipation of your patience if supplies run out during the teething stage!

Those of you who are familiar with our unbleached cotton bread bags will know that here at Joe’s Bakery we are passionate about the environment, reducing waste, and promoting environmental sustainability so we hope that you will support our further commitment to this important cause.

Joe’s are ahead of the game with these compostable bags and we’re the first bakery in Bristol to offer them!

New Product – Potato Rolls

These are a ‘Philadelphia Style’ soft roll made with wheat flour and potato flakes (10%); the golden colouring comes from ground turmeric.

They are available round or hot dog style.


This is a delicious Greek orange filo cake made with fresh orange juice and zest – perfectly refreshing on warm summer days.

Special Birthday Offer Starting Friday 21st

For 1 week only at both Joe’s Bakery shops in conjunction with our 1st Breadstore Birthday you can buy 5 Vegan Frosted Cupcakes and get 1 extra free!

Please note – this offer will end on Friday 28th June at closing time.

Our vegan cupcakes are available all the time (but not this offer), are delicious, and are made using only natural colours and flavours.