Bread Making Courses

Course Dates from June to December 2019

Martin’s popular upcoming course dates at Vale House Kitchen are as follows:

Introduction to Bread Making – 23rd June

Introduction to Bread Making – 18th August

Bread Masterclass (2 day) – 31st August & 1st September

Introduction to Bread Making – 10th November

Introduction to Bread Making – 1st December

For further details and to book please visit the Vale House Kitchen website –


Introduction to Bread Making –

21st October 2018

25th November 2018

27th January 2019

24th February 2019

17th March 2019

2 Day Bread Materclass –

11th and 12th May 2019

For more details and to book please visit the Vale House Kitchen website.


Here are some updated 2018 dates for Martin’s popular Introduction to Bread Making Courses, which are held at Vale House Kitchen –

Sunday 20th May

Sunday 24th June

Sunday 15th July

Book early to secure a place – the April course has already sold out!

Please contact Vale House Kitchen for bookings and more info.

Course Update (as of 1 December 2017)

Introduction to Bread Making

There are places available for the 29th April or 20th May 2018.

2 Day Bread Masterclass

24th & 25th February 2018.

All courses run from 10am – 5pm. Please visit the Vale House Kitchen website for more information and to book.

October 2017

Updates for Martin’s classes at Vale House Kitchen are as follows –

Sunday 28th October – SOLD OUT

Sunday 26th November  – 1 place left

Sunday 28th January – places still available

2 day bread master class including Sourdough on 24th & 25th February 2018 – places available

For more information please visit the Vale House Kitchen website.

2017 Bread Making Classes

Here are some dates and details of Martin’s classes at Vale House Kitchen –

Sunday 12th February – Introduction to Bread Making

11th & 12th March – 2 Day Bread Masterclass

Saturday 6th May – Introduction to Bread Making

Saturday 17th June – Introduction to Bread Making

Further dates are available – for more information please visit the Vale House Kitchen website.

Baking Courses with Martin Hunt of Joe’s Bakery

Sourdough Bread Course

Sourdough Bread has rightly become very popular in recent years and on this course you will learn how to bake sourdough at home. You will be making three different styles of sourdough based on both wheat and rye flour. We will have plenty of time for discussion and explanation and you will go home with recipes and course notes.

Sourdough bread cannot be rushed and so on Friday evening much of what you do will be making the doughs in order that they can ferment overnight. On Saturday you will be baking those doughs. We will also start a sourdough ferment (aka: Mother dough, Monster and Levain in France) which you can then take home to continue to develop and use. The sourdough starter will be based on a system developed by the very best German Bakers and has been well tested at Joe’s Bakery. You will be given detailed written notes on how to create and keep your sourdough ferment (something many people have trouble with).

Please note: This course is intended for home-bakers who have already mastered the basic skills of bread making. In order that we can achieve all of our aims it is expected that members of the course will have either mastered basic bread-making over a period of time or have attended a bread-making course prior to this one.

Pastry Making Class for Home Bakers

This new, and very practical pastry class takes us to a new area of understanding for home bakers. Laminated pastry involves interleaving the pastry dough with several hundred layers of butter or margarine in order to create a light and pleasant eating pastry. The process is well understood by professional bakers, but many home bakers are wary of it and most chefs shy away from it as well. How many times have you seen chef’s recipes tell you to start with a block of frozen pastry?

The aim of this class is to enable you to proudly make your own pastry, so that your home baking truly is ‘all your own work’. The class will run from 9:30am until about 4:30pm and will be very much a practical one with you making a good range of products to take home along with a full set of notes and recipes.

The main focus of this class will be how to make classic yeasted and un-yeasted laminated pastries such as Croissant, Danish and Puff Pastry. In addition, we will make a little sweet and savoury short pastry. The fillings will be good quality traditional ones but with the main focus of the day being the pastry rather than the fillings.

Introduction to Bread Making Course

Bread Making Classes With Martin Hunt of Joe's Bakery

Bread Making Classes With Martin Hunt of Joe’s Bakery

Gain practical experience in baking a range of British and Continental breads from scratch and use various flour types. With time for discussion and questions on ingredients and techniques this is a busy day and we normally finish about 4:30 to 5:00pm. You will be able to take home most of what you bake and so may want to prepare some room in your freezer! Lunch, with wine, is included. Courses now run once or twice a month.

Please ring Jane Hunt at Joe’s Bakery on 0117 907 1852 or email for enquiries and further information.