About Us

Based on the middle section of the Gloucester Road, Bristol, Joe’s bakery has been owned and run by Martin and Jane Hunt since 1990.

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Their first bakery used very traditional baking methods and it was here that Martin spent two to three years working alongside two of the best artisan bakers in Bristol, learning about various techniques and fermentation methods.

Subsequently Martin & Jane moved to Joe’s Bakery, where Martin continued to develop his bakery knowledge by attending Bristol Bakery School (part of Brunel Technical College, now City of Bristol College). Further experience and skills were developed on study tours to Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the USA as well as numerous short courses and visits to craft bakeries within the UK.


Outline of Our Product Range

Our baked bread and flour confectionary range is categorised as follows:

  • Classic Bread
  • Artisan Bread
  • Craft Bread
  • Artisan Confectionery
  • Craft Confectionery

Our Bakery has been in daily production for about 130 years and is probably the oldest working bakery in Bristol. As such our customer base has wide ranging expectations as regards the food that they buy. It is for this reason that we bake a wide range of products, and so that customers can more easily identify which of our products fits with their own eating philosophy we have categorised our range as in the panel above.

Our commitment is to make available to our customers the ingredients in our products and how they are processed, so that they can make an informed choice as to what best suits them. Clearly this information cannot be entirely comprehensive but the product catego-ries should help considerably.


Classic Bread Range

This range is made using organic ingredients, traditional full fermentation methods and hand-crafted techniques. The only machinery used in processing the doughs are a mixer and an oven. Our baker’s skill and judgement is used to ascertain when the dough is ready to progress through the various stages of the bread-making process and all portioning and moulding (shaping) is by hand.

Our organic flour is milled by Stoate and Sons in a traditional water driven stone-mill near Shaftsbury, other organic ingredients are supplied by Essential trading of Bristol, sea salt is the only salt used and NO ADDITIVES Classic Bread Range 1ARE USED WHATSOEVER. We do not hold Organic Certification because, in our experience, the burden of paperwork is too much for a single shop high street bakery.

It should also be noted that Organic Certification is no protection against the industrial style short-process fermentation (or lack of fermentation) that is the norm in supermarket bought bread. This is because the antioxidant ‘Ascorbic acid’ is permitted in organic certified bread. Ascorbic acid is not harmful in itself (it is also known as vitamin C) and we use some of it ourselves in our ‘Craft’ range, but it’s main purpose is to reduce the fermentation time and speed up the processing, thus reducing cost. This is not what we wish to do with our ‘Classic’ breads, where our aim is to produce good, wholesome, healthy bread using age-old techniques.

Our Classic Bread range includes:

  • White, Stoneground Wholemeal, Malthouse, and Six Seed tin bread;
  • Wholemeal Spelt bread;
  • Sourdough Rye


Artisan Bread Range

Our Artisan Bread range is processed using the same ethos as our Classic range but the flour, seeds and other ingredients may not be Organic. Our Artisan Breads are all fully fermented under controlled conditions, using traditional British and European methods to produce bread of real character and with great flavour. Most of them are ‘oven-bottom baked’ (aka stone-baked), sea salt is the only salt used and no additives are used whatsoever. Artisan Bread Range

Our Artisan Bread range includes:

  • Original Sourdough
  • Mild White Sourdough
  • Swabian Wheat and Rye with rye sourdough ferment
  • Pain Tradition
  • Focaccia
  • Ciabatta
  • Fruited Malt Loaf


Craft Bread Range

This range encompasses everything that is not Classic or Artisan. The breads will be made with mainly non-organic (aka ‘Conventional’) flour and ingredients and may include additives such as ascorbic acid and emulsifiers. Ascorbic acid is permitted in bread at a maximum rate of 200ppm but we would normally use about 1/4 of this , emulsifiers are allowed to be Quantum Satis and our rate would be used according to need. We do not use L-cysteine. Craft Bread Range

Our aim with our Craft Baked breads is to produce good quality breads with character using all the skills of a professional baker. Most of these breads will incorporate pre-dough or sourdough ferments for added texture and flavour and many are slow fermentation products. Please note that both our organic and conventional wholemeal flour is stoneground.

Our Craft Baked Bread range includes:

  • Split tins, Maltflake tin, White Flat tins and Farmhouse
  • Turkestan
  • Stoneground wholemeal
  • Pugliese
  • Parisienne
  • Konig Ludwig Brot
  • Crusty and Soft Cob Rolls
  • Overnight rolls, soft white rolls


Artisan Confectionery

All of our Artisan Confectionery is made using fine quality ingredients and without additives such as emulsifiers or egg substitutes. Artisan ConfectioneryThe only fat used will be unsalted English Butter, only fresh shell eggs are used and fresh liquid milk where appropriate. In essence, the only chemical used in this range is baking powder which is used in some of our cakes.

Our Artisan confectionery range includes:

  • Prune and almond Tart, Chocolate Cherry or Chocolate Pear Tart
  • Dolci di Mandorla
  • Pecan Pie
  • Eccles cake with butter puff pastry


Craft Confectionery

Craft Confectionery comprises all flour confectionery which is not ‘Artisan’. This will be a large part of our confectionery range which is likely to be made with vegetable margarines which necessarily include emulsifiers and therefore preclude them from being designated as Artisan.

Please note that we do not use any artificial colours or flavours. Oils and fats , where used, are non-hydrogenated except for the doughnut frying medium. All confectionery products are suitable for vegetarian diets except for Lardy Cake and occasionally a regional speciality (which will be highlighted as non-vegetarian).


Joe’s Bakery Suppliers

Where possible we use local suppliers for our products but never at the expense of quality which we consider to be paramount. 70% of our flour is actually milled here in Bristol at the Hosegoods Mill in Avonmouth, our non-organic wholemeal flour is milled on French Burr stones in Northamptonshire, and all of our organic flour is milled by Stoate and Sons of Shaftsbury on their very traditional water-powered Stone-Mill.


Joe’s Bakery

The bakery in Gloucester Road has a very long history dating back to the late 1800’s (nobody has yet been able to tell us quite when it was built), and has served many generations of local families as well as local workers, students and passing tradesmen who stop for their lunchtime sandwiches and pasties. In recent years a growing interest in good quality bread has led to increased sales of well fermented breads made using traditional methods.

As such, Joe’s Bakery has been able to expand its range of fresh breads, made from ‘scratch’ on the premises by skilled bakers, and using mainly locally milled flour. These products include traditional English Breads such as white, wholemeal and seeded tin loaves made using organic flour, quality French style bread (Pain Tradition), authentic German ‘Maltzbrot’ (König Ludwig Brot), 100% and 50% rye bread and award winning sourdough. We also produce seasonal specialities throughout the year.